Our live - In carers are hand - picked to suit the customers exact needs. The matched care providers are individuals who are most able to manage a strong relationship with the customer and their families.  they are dedicated to making life as cosy and warm as possible and take their care responsibilities very seriously. Our matching criteria considers personalities, interests and social compatibility as companionship is most important when it comes to relationships between the cared for and the carer. 

The Initial assessment along with a dedicated care plan includes  a detailed check on home access and mobility needs, meal preparations, proximity to essential services, health and safety and all the elements of home life adjusted to meet the need of the patient. You will be advised on preparing the home for planned care and assisted in making sure equipment necessary home appliances are made available.

Our live in carers would require a room large enough to store the essentials. A carer residing in your home means total access all ours of the day and cover is arranged as and when the carer needs to leave the home for personal reasons. this will be fully explained by the care manager before we commence with the service.

Care managers would be on hand to ensure both parties are happy with the care arrangement and would prepare regular reports in compliance with service standards and improvement targets.