After a closer look at what type or level of health care is required, we can advise on how many care hours per week is required or if  and when you may require  full live-in home care. We work with you to find out how the pricing meets with your budget if you or your family is directly funding your care. While we don't cut corners in care delivery we do our bit to make the service accessible to those that need it. 

Live - in rates are usually £850 - £1500 depending on the nature of the care health or age related.

Hourly visits are set between £18 - £25 per hour with no hidden extras.


Home care funding
We can advise you on access to home care funding and who is eligible be it a part funded or fully funded entitlement. Your local health authority can also clarify criteria for local authority funded care. we work with various authorities on supplier management and service compliance.

Continuing health care funding is available to those who require full time care for health reasons. This type of home care funding is available to you if receive full time care at home, and includes funding to cover personal care, nursing care and any costs related to household adjustments due to your health condition.